Burlington By Night
In 2013, The Sabbat in Oakville and Mississauga were still helping Toronto with the fallout of the Setites driven scandal of Rob Ford and as such placed little to no merit on the Domain of Burlington. The Sabbat Kindred that did care knew that they weren’t strong enough to seriously hold the city under the circumstances so the sat back and waited for rest of the sect to smooth things over. The Independent Alliance currently knew that the Sabbat were still a threat to both the Camarilla and themselves; however, with the current political spectrum they felt confident that it would be while before they would be able to mount a serious attack. Rumours with the Sabbat indicated that the current Archbishop was no longer strong enough to truly control the Sect in the area and that his powerbase was fracturing. This meant that the Commission needed to only worry about the “new domain” and assumed that if they were successful in removing the main powerbase of the Camarilla that they would falter much like the Sabbat.

The Camarilla under Prince Frenzel sent scouts periodically into Burlington to check out any Hunter activity (rumour had it that the Hunters moved on to London and formed an actual working HQ within the city) and to see if any of the other sects were making a move into Burlington. The Nosferatu and Malkavians with their information gathering networks told Frenzel that this was the time for him to make his move to claim the domain. From Hamilton, the Prince started pushing out and back into Burlington with a large number of strong kindred to call the city his own. At the same time as Frenzel was moving north, the Alliance made a significant push south into the city that started an influence war for control of the domain. As 2013 came to a close the Alliance, who had overestimated their enemy, knew that they didn’t have the numbers to currently hold the city by force or by influence and retreated back to Milton leaving the city solely in the hands of the Camarilla. Kindred began taking up permanent havens within the city and began making small influence progress in a city that was slowly rebuilding itself during a time of economic decline.

In July of 2014, after minor skirmishes along the Milton / Burlington border, the Commission invited Prince Frenzel to a meeting in Waterdown to discuss terms of a peace treaty between the two cities and negotiate ways to continue to avoid conflict in the future. Prince Frenzel arrived with his entourage of 6 Kindred including the Harpy and the Scourge of Hamilton. Frenzel knew that this was potentially a trap, so he brought along some of his best combatants but he was not fully prepared for the onslaught that the Commission brought forth in their betrayal. The Commission had planned this for months and lay in wait to ambush Frenzel during the beginning of the summit. They knew there would be a few losses but these were sacrifices for a greater good. This attack would seriously hurt the Camarilla and show them that the Independant Alliance was not to be trifled with. They were going to continue fighting for the city that they claimed to be theirs and anyone standing in their way would suffer the outcome of their fearless Prince.

The ambush resulted in Frenzel’s assassination. The Scourge fought to the bitter end but he too was torn apart by the viciousness of the Setite warriors backed by a sea of mindless hordes. The Harpy was lucky to have survived the fight and with his celerity was able to escape and flee back to Hamilton. The Commission had taken hold of Waterdown. In open court, the Harpy announced the death of the Prince and the details of the ambush, which he could see with his Medium ability – that the former Prince’s soul was ripped from his body and the body was destroyed. Despite that the shock was fairly new in minds of the Hamilton Kindred, Praxis was still immediately declared. The Ventrue Primogen, a brood mate of Frenzel, and the Seneschel, an Assimite Vizier, put forth their names and while both candidates had support the city swayed in favour of the Seneschel. During the course of the month between the Prince’s death and the next Elysium gathering, Hamilton was visited by an Archon bearing news from the Justicars. The Domain of Hamilton/Burlington was too large for one Prince to control and as a result they transferred the Domain of Burlington to the Ventrue Primogen and charged him with the goal of strengthening the city, upholding the traditions and ensuring that the Sabbat and this new threat of the Alliance would not prosper in the area.