Burlington By Night
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Brief History

After the time shift and meeting the True Brujah, the city of Burlington has spent time to rebuild and regroup. Many of their allies from the "alternate universe" seem to have shifted and changed, and some friends that didn't come with them through the time shift either are dead or they haven't been able to locate them!

However, life (or unlife), marches on! The city has found itself under siege from many threats of late. Most notably was the Sabbat siege that the city handled with ease and a great deal of violence...however during this time they got a little sloppy and careless with their actions and attracted a small faction of highly motivated and highly trained Military funded hunters! The whole city is also afflicted by a newer threat. One that has lived in peace and harmony until the balance was upset. The werewolves of the surrounding areas know something is up...Gaia has given them warnings and those warnings have brought some of them to an alliance with the Kindred and others to war... time will tell which side of this battle will prevail. Let's not forget the deals being broken and the "things that go bump in the night". Burlington is a rough city, Elders are abandoning it and new Kindred coming or being sent are neonate and ancillae trying to make a name for themselves...but at what cost??